Nerve Renew Review

Peripheral Neuropathy is commonly thought to affect over 20 million individuals across the country. Yet many sufferers painfully push past their breaking point before seeking treatment, some never even seeing a medical professional at all. Even though neuropathy isn't a life threatening condition, it is still medically concerning, and certainly worth treating. A few simple steps, and you can be on the path towards physical and mental recovery.

Why do so many people refuse to seek treatment? While impossible to account for every reason, many hardcore drugs are prescribed to treat neuropathy, understandably a concern for many. Why would one voluntarily begin taking anti-depressants or opioids for a condition that may seem relatively mild? To make matters worse, these intense substances are designed only to help alleviate the symptoms nerve damage causes, not fix the underlying condition itself.

But thanks to Nerve Renew, a cutting edge supplement from the Neuropathy Treatment Group, the days of suffering through nerve pain and discomfort are long gone. Featuring a diversified blend of natural ingredients clinically proven to help reduce nerve pain, Nerve Renew focuses on the repair of the nerves themselves, addressing and fixing the underlying issue in addition to the surface symptoms. Keep on reading to see why Nerve Renew is the best product on the market to help alleviate your neuropathy symptoms and suffering for good. Stop torturing yourself and get on the road to recovery today!

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy can refer to a range of conditions, all resulting from damage to the peripheral nervous system (read arms and legs). When the peripheral nervous system is under duress, it is unable to relay signals to and from the central nervous (your brain and spinal cord) resulting in either an increase of incorrect signals, a mix of conflicting signals, or a lack of signals all together.

While symptoms affect everyone differently, they usually aren't life threatening. Often times peripheral neuropathy is the after effect of another condition, such as diabetes or an auto-immune disorder. Individuals who have experienced bad accidents with damage to an appendage or path of the spinal cord may also experience a disruption in signaling.

What Causes Neuropathy?

A host of conditions can potentially lead to Peripheral Neuropathy, many of which are medical concerns in their own right:

  • Autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis, Sjorgen's syndrome, Guillian-Barre syndrome, and chronic inflammatory demyelination can all put an individual at risk to develop neuropathy.
  • Diabetes is a common precursor to nerve damage, especially if blood sugar levels are not maintained properly.
  • Viral and bacterial infections such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, leprosy, and diphtheria
  • Inherited disorders
  • Tumors, both malignant and benign can grow directly upon the nerves and cause damage
  • Other chronic diseases

But Neuropathy can also be caused by non-infectious methods:

  • Alcoholism and poor dietary maintenance resulting in vitamin deficiency
  • Exposure to toxins such as poison or heavy metals
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Physical trauma to the nerve or other pressure inducing conditions

For a more inclusive list of Neuropathy's most common causes, see here.

Can Food Trigger Neuropathy?

While vitamin deficiency is a common cause of peripheral neuropathy, some foods can actually work to make symptoms worse, especially if underlying conditions are at play. Some examples are:

  • Gluten. If you suffer from celiac's disease or have a gluten allergy, then foods high in gluten may exacerbate any peripheral neuropathy symptoms you experience. Luckily the gluten free craze has hit the world by storm and finding most of your favorite snacks in a "gluten free" option is far easier than it used to be!
  • Refined carbohydrates. If you have diabetes, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is key in the fight against peripheral neuropathy. Refined grains such as white bread and many desserts, have a high GI or glycemic index. This means they can spike blood sugar levels in the body, exacerbating the symptoms of neuropathy. Replace these foods with whole grain alternatives to flatten the curve and keep levels in check.
  • Unbalanced Diet. While not a specific food, an unbalanced diet high in sugar or saturated fats can lead to nutrient imbalances, which, as we saw above, is one of the leading causes of peripheral neuropathy. Ensure your diet consists of relatively low sugar consumption, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

What is Nerve Renew?

Nerve Renew is an effective supplement (no prescription necessary) from the Neuropathy Treatment Group designed to aid individuals experiencing nerve damage and pain. Instead of simply dulling the pain experienced as a result of peripheral neuropathy, this amazing supplement works to address the underlying condition. Many users have reported reductions in pain after repeated use, and some have reported symptoms vanishing altogether.

Supplement vs Prescription Drug

So... What's the difference? When is a supplement better than a drug and vice versa?

For the purposes of this article, think of a supplement as just that, a supplement! In the eyes of the FDA, a supplement falls under the umbrella of foodstuffs, causing it to adhere to different rules than prescription drugs. Because they're considered food, all supplements are believed to be safe until evidence appears proving otherwise. If a new supplement is to be brought to market, the company pushing it must provide the FDA with appropriate evidence that it will not harm the general public before it can be sold. Despite this, they are not held to the same rigorous testing and clinical trial standards as drugs.

To contrast this, drugs (both prescribed by a doctor and over the counter options) are not considered food. This means that they are considered "unsafe" until substantial evidence is given to prove that is not the case. It often takes rounds and rounds of clinical trials before a prescription drug is proven to be both safe AND effective in treating the condition it is marketed towards.

Why this difference? The vast majority of the time, supplements are simply vitamins and minerals otherwise commonly found in food. Iron, Vitamin C, D, E, Potassium, the list goes on! Each and every one of these substances can be readily found in a variety of foods readily available on the aisles at grocery stores. In contrast, many of the chemically synthesized compounds used in drugs are impossible to find in stores and often illegal. The medical community uses supplements to fill in the gaps in a healthy diet, but drugs to treat a whole host of both dietary and non-dietary issues.

What Ingredients are in Nerve Renew?

It's all natural neuropathy support formula boasts 300 mg of Vitamin B1 (in the form of Benfotiamine), 2000 mcg of Vitamin B12 (Methyl B-12), 4 mg of Vitamin B2, 4 mg of Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, and a natural, proprietary blend of oat straw extract, feverfew extract, skullcap extract, and passion flower.

The B Vitamins (Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12) have been shown to be important in the development and maintenance of a healthy nervous system. In fact, a common cause of neuropathy is a nutrient deficiency of the B vitamin complex. The forms used in nerve review have been shown to greatly increase absorption and reduce toxicity levels.

Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is a strong antioxidant form of R-Alpha Lopoic acid that has been clinically proven to help cells transport glucose around the body. The stabilized version present in Nerve Renew has been shown to be nearly 12 times better than the non-stabilized version found in most other nerve pain supplements available over the counter.

All the ingredients listed here (and on the label!) come from completely natural sources and work in concert to ensure proper uptake, improve nervous system health, reduce anxiety, and relieve pain.

What Ingredients are in Nerve Renew

Why is Nerve Renew is the Best Supplement for Nerve Damage?

A quick web search for "nerve pain" supplement and a plethora of other options are shown in the browser. However, many of these appear to be ineffective scams, with no company address, contact information, or employee pictures shown. The Neuropathy Treatment Group's website is not one of these fakes. The front page even boasts ample links to clinical studies which support the usage of the active ingredients in their product (Benfotamine, Methyl B-12, and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid). Transparency such as this is a great comfort not often found from web based supplement companies.

Unlike many supplement products available, Nerve Renew is backed by clinical studies, great customer testimonials, and fantastic customer service. Dig a little deeper into customer's thoughts on this product and one will quickly find many nerve renew reviews calling the product effective, worth the money, and even a "godsend."

On top of all this, the timeframe in which Nerve Renew promises results is unlike anything else you'll see on the market. They quote an average of 2-4 months before individuals began to notice the benefits of their product. Some reviews on their websites and others have even noted seeing results as early as a couple of weeks.

Still not convinced? The Neuropathy Treatment Group doesn't take no for an answer, priding themselves on 100% customer satisfaction. They offer a full money back guarantee if anyone is dissatisfied with the product or fails to see an improvement in symptoms within their referenced timeframe.

Are there Side Effects of Nerve Renew?

We were unable to find any mention of individuals experiencing harmful side effects as a result of taking Nerve Renew. Product reviews and medical studies support the efficacy of all their active ingredients, despite the seemingly high percentages they occur in. However, we feel it prevalent to discuss some of the possible side effects that may be experienced on an ingredient by ingredient level.

There are reports showing Vitamin B2 can cause digestive upset when taken in high doses, in some cases increasing the need to urinate or causing possible episodes of diarrhea. Additionally, some studies have also shown that extremely high doses of passionflower may induce states of altered consciousness, confusion, disorientation, and inflamed blood vessels. Again, the dosages at which these side effects can be experienced is extremely high, far higher than what is present in a single serving of Nerve Renew. Finally, it is important to note that one of the natural ingredients in their blend, skullcap extract, is not recommended for pregnant women.

One of the main drawbacks with any sort of supplementation is that each individual case is different. Height, weight, age, activity level, and more can all play a roll how the body absorbs and reacts to substances in the system. What is effective and life changing for one individual may not be so for another. And Nerve Renew is no exception. Users report results on a timeframe of a few weeks to a couple of months or more. Although uncommon, there have been reported cases of Nerve Renew not doing anything at all to alleviate pain or other neuropathy symptoms.

Most importantly you must talk to your physician and get their approval before beginning any sort of intensive medication or supplementation regiment, no matter what you see on tv or read online. At the end of the day your primary care physician knows your medical history the best and can help you make the right call for you.

Is Nerve Renew Right For You?

We certainly think Nerve Renew is an effective, easy to use supplement. It is certainly the most effective option for anyone tired of fighting those tingling, burning sensations caused by peripheral neuropathy.

This consistently well reviewed product is a blend of b vitamins, passion flower, and other natural ingredients designed to help you get on the path to recovery faster than you ever thought was possible. And to top it all off, the neuropathy treatment group backs their neuropathy support formula with a killer money back guarantee.

We can't see any reason not to give it a shot. Click through any of our links here to be taken directly to Nerve Renew's website. Isn't a pain and discomfort free life worth it?